Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introduction to our Blog

So this is the blogosphere...

Well, apparently this is the most logical place to post musings about life. Specifically, Crissie and I wish to use this as an on-line diary for friends and family who wish to follow the adventure of our most interesting news...

We're having quadruplets!

Yep, it's still weird to write it out and I've been coming to grips with it for more than 6 weeks now. As I write this, Crissie is two days shy of 12 weeks into her pregnancy. She's growing nicely despite her morning sickness and the doctors all seem really pleased with her progress.

Apart from the obvious shock: "Oh my God, I'm having four babies all at the same time!!!", there are so many hundreds of little things that most people (those who don't have multiple inbounds) never have to think about while pregnant. Each of those little 'Eureka' moments provide endless fodder for discussion between the wife and I. These discussions usually end with us nervously laughing and reassuring each other that "we'll be fine." Then we roll over and wonder if we're just kidding ourselves!

I've said this probably a hundred times since we started sharing the news, but I believe it, and I'm sticking with it: Our greatest blessing, in terms of our preparedness, is that we don't have any kids now and therefore, we won't know the difference. Four babies will just be normal to us and that's all we'll know.

People always want to know what our initial reactions were. I'm told that I was just smiling the whole time during the ultrasound. I remember being genuinely excited and happy. I wouldn't say I was scared. I knew I had a lot I needed to learn pretty quickly, but the internet and Consumer Reports could fix a lot of that. Crissie was initially pretty shocked, but soon our common excitement started to feed on each other. Now, I'd say we are in full-on planning mode, which suits us well.

Anyhow, our aim is to keep everyone updated via this blog, so I'm sure we'll have plenty more to share. Sincerest appreciation is due to the incredible outpouring of support and well-wishers. We continue to be so blessed to have such loving and thoughtful friends and family.

Stay tuned for our adventure!

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