Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving right along...

I've been a very bad blogger lately...

I've started and stopped this entry a few times, and thus (because things change so fast) I've had to start over each time. I'll go "long story short" and say that overall, the girls are doing well. It's hard to believe that they are two months old today--or roughly 35 weeks gestational age.

They are both getting close to four pounds. They are both slowly becoming more able to maintain their temperature. They're both getting at least one feed a day via bottle. They've grown so much and they're definitely starting to settle into their little personalities.

This is Elena taking a bottle...

...and Amelia.

Momma and her babies.

Elena sleeping without her feeding tube.

So, they're doing well, their mommy and daddy are doing well. We're so excited about the idea of going home, but we're not allowing ourselves to get our hopes up yet. Their original due date was July 24th, so realistically, we've still got a ways to go. In the meantime, Crissie and I enjoy bathing them, changing their diapers, getting them dressed, and holding them when we can. Our NICU nurses and doctors continue to be awesome.

Time is flying by so fast and Crissie and I often joke that we'll be sending them off to college before we know it. Stay tuned...


  1. I anxiously await your posts with the latest news on the girls. (I'm sure that sounds bizarre coming for a COMPLETE stranger, but I've been so drawn to your story! :) I am glad to hear that they are doing well. They are absolutely beautiful!

    Love and prayers,
    Christina Gomez

  2. Glad to hear. My prayers are with you.

  3. Hi Alex & Crissie! I've been following your blog since the babies were born and am so excited to see the girls are doing so well! Our quads were born at 23 weeks and had a lot of the same medical issues yours are facing. Praying for you guys and soo excited for you!