Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News from Today's Ultrasound

Following a pretty tough weekend, we had a lot of lingering questions that remained unanswered. However, there was really only one question that we needed answered that would affect an outcome.

We still didn't really know whose water broke.

We assumed it was Lillian's. Seemed like a fair assumption and most of the doctors and nurses agreed. Certainly made sense at the time. We gotta' give Dr. Stedman credit where it's due, though. He was the only one who ventured a guess that ended up being correct--even though we weren't thrilled when he first postulated the notion.

Crissie's cervix is funneling and Garrison is at the bottom of the uterus. Think of it as a regular funnel with a water balloon in it. If you piled a few more water balloons on top of that first balloon, you'd basically have Crissie's uterus. The weak point from a pressure standpoint is Garrison's balloon at the point directly over that void above the cervix, or the open tip of the funnel cone.

So, that was Dr. Stedman's theory and the ultrasound today proved him right. Lillian's sac appears to still be intact (which is actually good news) and Garrison's is ruptured and continues to leak.

This isn't ideal, but it's not the end of the world either. It's been almost 6 days since the sac ruptured and the biggest threat was infection that usually strikes in the first 3 days. Crissie's been non-symptomatic and the babies' heartbeats have been looking really good. If we can avoid stuff like chorioamnionitis, there's hope that we can hang in there as long as Crissie and the kiddos continue to put up good numbers. Garrison continues to produce amniotic fluid and that fluid does continue to accumulate in his ruptured sac, but it also seeps out from time to time.

We're getting close to 26 weeks. This is an important time in their development. Certainly, there are plenty of healthy people walking this earth who've been born that prematurely, but we continue to fight for every day, every hour, every minute. We have to give them the best possible chance.

We're determined to bring all three home healthy.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Please keep 'em coming...


  1. Praying!!! Keep the strong attitude it will get you far!!!! Hugs!

  2. Every day is so important, you are so right. Praying little Garrison keeps up his fluid levels and you guys keep getting good numbers. Tell Chrissie that Abi is rooting for her, she says a prayer for her daily and asks if there are any updates, or pictures "of my teachers big ole baby belly".

  3. Many prayers for your family! Thinking of you lots!

  4. We are so sorry for your loss of Lillian. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers!!

  5. Prayers! Keep on keeping on Wheelocks!

  6. Praying for you and the kiddos and for every day you have.

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  8. Please know you guys are in our prayers during this very difficult time.