Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 24

So much to tell...

Yesterday, we got a visit from another quad-mommy and her quadruplets. That was pretty fun. Her little ones were all color-coded and strapped in to their quad-stroller. They were as cute as they could be. It's always so interesting to hear the perspectives of others who have been through this same adventure. We began corresponding as a result of reading each others' blogs. We definitely appreciated her and her mom taking time out to visit with us and it was so cool to meet her kiddos. Great kids. Great family. Good stuff.

Last night at midnight (after watching "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"), Crissie got the first of two steroid shots designed to help stimulate lung development in preparation for premature delivery. Everything has gone pretty well today--she gets the second shot tonight. It's how doctors say: "Happy Easter!"

We're pretty settled in to our room here at the hospital. We have our food and our entertainment. Our nurses continue to be rock stars. Here's a look at our markboard in the room:

Hard to believe it's Easter already. Crissie's holding up really well. She's eating well. She gets showered regularly. She's even got these cool pneumatic massagers for her legs. She keeps busy on the computer or playing sudoku or facebooking with friends. Once a day, the nurses come and listen for heartbeats.

This is Angela and Tanyl checking out all the little heartbeats. It's fun to see when they try to find all four at the same time. I got to tour the part of the hospital where Crissie will have her c-section and where the babies will spend their first few moments of life. I took a video so that Crissie could feel like she'd come along. I had to get all dressed up as if it was "game day"...

I'm not sure why, but wearing those clothes made me feel like I needed to hold my hands that way... I looked like a cross between the lunch-lady and Dr. Evil!

Looking foward to week 25!


  1. It was also so great to finally meet you guys! I'm glad Crissie is still hanging in there and I also used to play sodoku to pass the it. And that picture is too funny with your hands that way. Hope y'all have a Happy Easter!

    Kami & the 4 little Lambes

  2. Howdy from another local quad family! Our blog is private, but shoot me an email and I'll send you an invite. Hang in there and let me know if I can help in any way...even if it is just to answer some questions.


  3. So glad Kami sent us your link!!! Y'all are doing a ROCKING job!! Keep those little Wheels cooking!!! Next time I head Kami and Jac's way, I'll have to meet you and your precious babies!
    Sandra Cochran
    Mom to Hannah Noelle -5-
    Cannon, Gunner, Lauren and Avery -19 months-

  4. Hi guys! So glad to see another quad mom and dad! Stay strong and hang in there! We also have 3 girls and a boy....let me know if there is anything I can do.
    Mom to Sarah, Luke, Ava, Lily)GBGG Quads 18 months in a week

  5. I think the ladies have said it all! Congrats and LAY DOWN!

    Heather Cox
    BGGB Quads - 13 months

  6. Just wanted to share my love and support. Tell your lovely wife Abigail is still waiting to see the prize her teacher won! (I promise she will understand). Every day she makes me check for baby Wheelock updates!