Thursday, March 4, 2010

20 Weeks Down, 10 Weeks to Go!

Week 20 means the half-way point in singleton pregnancies. But for us, it's more like two-thirds. The doctors really want her to make it to 30 weeks. We've got our own goal set at 32. Statistically, it's not likely, but goals should be set such that they're a challenge, right?

Last weekend, Crissie and I went to visit our friends, the MacMasters, in the hospital. Brittany and Kenny welcomed little Mason into the world in the same place where our little ones will (hopefully) be born. While we were there, we got an opportunity to take a tour of the NICU. Our crew will almost definitely have to spend some weeks in the NICU after they're born, so it was interesting to see where it would all go down.

We say "hopefully" because if Crissie has to go on hospital bed rest, her doctors are wanting to admit her in Baton Rouge. This would be a major pain in the butt. We're both hoping that won't happen.

Anyway, seeing the MacMasters go through their birthing experience juxtaposed with seeing preemies in the NICU was a pretty sharp reality check. Our experience will be like nothing to which we, nor any of our loved ones, can relate. For all of the "4 times this and 4 times that" cuteness, the reality of our four children in intensive care is more than a little unnerving. The staff at St. Tammany all seemed great though. We have no qualms with the people or the facility. They delivered a set of quads (that made it to 34 weeks) 3 years ago, and they've handled a bunch of triplets since. So, we feel like we're in good hands and it's less than 5 minutes away.

Crissie is still on light-duty bedrest. She is getting around, but is trying to spend the majority of her time on her butt. She's feeling lots of little movements and a few that I can actually feel on the outside. I gotta' say that, so far, that's the coolest freakin' thing I've experienced with this whole process. We had  lots of fun with that! We suspect it was baby C--she's got a heck of a leg. I'm thinking she'll be another Mia Hamm or Kathy Ireland in "Necessary Roughness."

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