Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 23

It's been an eventful week, filled with some unusual ups and downs.

Week 23 started with a great weekend. Crissie (despite her bedrest) was able to enjoy her baby shower which her hostesses planned beautifully at our home. She spent the day in her chair while she was lavished with gifts by her friends and family. After a week of bedrest at the house, I think she was really excited about some human contact. She definitely had an awesome time.

Meanwhile, my guy friends threw me a diaper/wipe party. Basically, we just sat around, drank, played beer pong and cornhole. I had to drink wine because I gave up beer/liquor for Lent, but that didn't hold me back too overly much! Then, when I went home, I had a lot more diapers and wipes than I'd started the day with. All in all, a nice little 'Man Day'--good job, dudes.

Fast forward to Thursday (yesterday, as I write this). We had a doctor's appointment with the MFM in Baton Rouge and what we'd hoped wouldn't be necessary became so. Dr. St. Amant basically told Crissie after he examined her that she wouldn't be going home. So now, she has been put on hospital bedrest. Her cervical length dropped from 3 cm a week ago, down to 1 cm and she's "funneling." (and we're not talking about the frat house right of passage, here.)

She was also having contractions (which she couldn't even feel) at a frequency the doctors weren't crazy about. So, now she's on Magnesium Sulfate which has effectively reduced the frequency of the contractions. This should help her cervix "hang in there" for the next several weeks so these kiddos can develop to a point the doctors are comfortable with. If all goes well, she'll be in the hospital (pregnant) for another 7 or 8 weeks. We've heard plenty of stories of multiple moms who were on Mag-Sulfate for a lot longer with good results, so we're optimistic.

So the bad news is: Crissie's in the hospital and will be for a long time. The good news is: there's no better place for her to be. Other good news: I'm really glad I didn't haul off and buy that mini-fridge for our bedroom right away. Further good news: so far, so good with all the nurses and staff at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge. The first 24 hours have really been great--other than the convertible recliner that afforded me 3 hours sleep last night, but this ain't about me!

As usual, our friends and family have been incredible. We're so blessed. Despite the fact that we're going to be pretty uncomfortable for the next few months, we're confident it'll be totally worth it in the end!

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