Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 22

Well, bedrest has been formally recommended by Crissie's OB/GYN. So, after weeks of "light duty" and "just taking it easy," we finally get down to it... Crissie's on bedrest. As if being couped up in the house alone isn't bad enough, now she's got to worry about whether she's doing harm every time she goes to the bathroom. It's hard on her because she tends to be such a busy-body. As fun as bedrest may sound, one can only watch so much TV, read so many books, and play around on the internet for so long before it gets mindnumbingly boring--not to mention uncomfortable.

Crissie and I play this little game. The game basically goes like this: I try to get her to drink Ensure and eat protein bars, and she tries to come up with new and creative ways to foil my attempts. She's really good at it, and while I've had some minor victories, she's winning the war by a landslide. Generally, I try to find humorous ways to introduce the subject. I often find myself doing the "protein-bar dance" at the bedroom door, or I try to sneak up on her and switch her water for Ensure (like some sort of protein ninja). It all reminds me of my mom and dad. When my mom was sick, my dad would always make these mysterious protein concoctions that my mom abhorred. It was whey protein, oatmeal, various fruits, and other healthy stuff--but, it never looked overly appetizing. She swore he was trying to kill her with protein (kidding, of course). I suppose it's the only way we Wheelock's know how to play doctor...

Anyhow, not much to report, which is probably good. The babies are all progressing normally. Crissie's health is pretty good--all things considered. The nursery is taking shape. We've started accumulating hundreds of diapers--certain to last us about 10 days! The biggest thing these days is figuring out how to structure Crissie's life so she has to make the minimum number of movements. I suspect I'll be having to invest in one of those dormroom fridge/microwave combos for the bedroom soon...

Sheesh, the things we do for the ones we love...

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  1. Glad to know Crissie is still hanging in there and taking it easy! Praying for you guys!