Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Announcement!!!

We've settled on names for the babies!

Baby A is our little dude, so he'll be Garrison Thomas Wheelock. Garrison is Crissie's mom's maiden name and it's also a name in my mother's family. Thomas is a name in the Wheelock family that goes back a long way and has popped up many times. Little Garrison Thomas actually has a cousin in London named Thomas Wheelock. Crissie also had a great-grandfather named Irvin Thomas. UPDATE: Turns out there's some Thomas on my mom's side also in the Griggs family. Ironically enough, One of those Thomases married a Garrison. Yes, we are on "inbreeding high alert." (Props to Uncle John Griggs for pointing this out!)

For the girls, we're going to wait to see them before we give them their names, but we have chosen the names already, so...

Elena Marie Wheelock. Elena comes from the Wheelock side. My sister Christine's middle name is Elena and she got it from various ladies on my dad's side--my dad's first cousin Marie Elena for one. Marie is also Crissie's middle name and that comes from her great aunt Marie--her mom's aunt. UPDATE: Upon further consultation with my sister (Christine Elena), her name was designed as an homage to my dad's mother's name: Cristobelina. Christine Elena, got it.

Lillian Brooks Wheelock. Lillian hasn't much family significance, but it is the flower that is the heart of the symbol of King Louis XIV, France, New Orleans, and (most importantly) the Saints! The Lilly, or Fleur de Lis. She'll be our little Fleur de Whee. Brooks is Crissie's sister's middle name and comes from Crissie's dad's grandfather on his mother's side.

Amelia Frances Wheelock. Amelia is a name that Crissie's always liked. No family ties that we know. Frances is my mom's first name. She didn't use it--she was never a real fan of it, in fact. She went by her middle name, Diane. She probably would have preferred Frances to have been her middle name, so we're attempting some justice for history.

So, that's it for now. Check back soon!

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